What is actually an AVIMIVA bathing suit?

Why an AVIMIVA swim lingerie is not just a bikini or a bathing suit!
Interview with founder and owner Alexandra

Where were you born and how did you grow up?
I was born in April 1976 in Steyr in Upper Austria. I grew up as a typical simple country girl. As a nomad, I lived in many places when I was young, including Linz for a few years.

How did you get into the fashion industry? As far as I know, you're still relatively new at it.
There is of course a history to this. I attended the fashion school in Linz, specializing in fashion design. First, I went the classic route of very typical office jobs. Until, after a stroke of fate on my health, I felt the inner urge for change for the first time.

What did you change afterwards?
I started training in the field of TCM & relationship coaching and then completed it with a diploma. I did this job independently for many years with a lot of passion. Then the corona pandemic came and “sedated” me.

And then you came up with the idea of ​​bathing suits?
The first impetus for a career change came, how could it be otherwise, in the water. It was the day after my birthday in April 2020, in the uncertain days of the first lockdown. I enjoyed the sunny day with my husband and my best friend in our swimspa and philosophized about how flattering swimwear, sensual, luxurious bikinis, or bathing suits cannot be found in Europe. At first it was just a "crazy idea" to return to my roots in the fashion industry, designing swimwear and ultimately having it produced myself.

A few days after the first idea, when I woke up in the morning, the word “swimwear” came to mind. The longing for this new product simply couldn't let go of me. The final "GO" for the implementation came in October 2020 after I found a producer who can produce the materials according to my ideas.

What makes AVIMIVA swimwear so special?
At AVIMIVA Beach & Spa Lingerie, the boundaries between swimwear and lingerie merge in a classy, ​​sensual and feminine way. I process materials that have not previously been associated with water - if only because of their exclusivity and delicacy. The materials are light as a feather and dry extremely quickly. In AVIMIVA bathing lingerie, women experience a completely new wearing comfort and a - sometimes surprising - new sexiness. The aim is to bring back the tingling in interpersonal relationships with Beach & Spa Lingerie.
Because women in lingerie move more confidently, sexier... radiate a charming self-confidence... So why not combine that with sensual moments in the water...?

Wow, that gives me goosebumps! What values ​​does AVIMIVA stand for?
One of AVIMIVA's most important values ​​is to keep the added value in Austria as much as possible. All materials, for example, are produced exclusively for AVIMIVA by an Austrian family business. For products and services that could not be obtained in Austria, we work with German or Italian companies, all of which I have selected according to my principles and values. For example, I get my jewelery components from German companies, the family factory that produces our bathing lingerie has only 12 employees and is located in Italy near Lake Como.
Many speak of fair wages, short distances and support for small (family) businesses - AVIMIVA sticks to it - promised! We maintain our partnerships and strictly adhere to these basic values, even if Eastern European and Asian companies would have produced much more cheaply. And we are very proud of that!

How did you come up with the name and what does AVIMIVA actually stand for?
I love symmetry and have experimented with letters until this palindrome almost "made itself". For me, the word AVIMIVA has a very feminine, elegant vibe.
At first glance, AVIMIVA naturally stands for a product or a brand.
But on closer inspection, AVIMIVA describes a woman - or the way of life of a very special woman.
An AVIMIVA is a woman who stands by herself, who knows her needs and how to cover them - who is independent of the outside world. She loves the interpersonal game with stimuli and signals. An AVIMIVA knows her sexuality, is curious, open to new things and is not afraid to communicate her fantasies. She can enjoy life and always find something good and beautiful in it. An AVIMIVA gives with relish and receives with relish and knows when to withdraw. She also allows herself her breaks in order to appear again in full glory afterwards.

Exactly this attitude to life arose in me and my relationship during our trip to the Maldives in December 2019 and was the nourishing original energy from which the idea for Beach & Spa Fashion was ultimately born.

What fascinates you about designing clothes?
It fascinates me to underline the advantages of a woman with a deliberately chosen cut and to visually stage the figure of EVERY woman with cleverly set accents. It is about guiding and directing the eye.
With very simple and sophisticated details, the legs get longer, the chest bigger and the figure slimmer overall... And I love to think outside the box when it comes to materials, to break new ground and experiment...

How did you come to your style? Who or what inspires you?
One of my favorite things to do is people-watching. I have always had the gift of feeling people and perceiving them in their entirety.
WOMAN SELF is my greatest inspiration. I observe women wherever I can. How they move - of course also in the water, when leaving the pool/sea. I observe the body language and the (hand) movements. What is she trying to hide? What does she feel uncomfortable with, what is uncomfortable for her?
My design principle is "Show off instead of hiding"!
And of course I follow the looks of others.

How long does it take from the first idea to the finished piece?
It takes about 3-4 months from the first draft to the production-ready, fitted prototype.

Who are your customers?
My customers are a motley mix and each one is unique and individual. My youngest customer is 19, the oldest 58. There is no such thing as THE customer for a drawer. From students to young mothers, entrepreneurs, employees, and of course leaders to internationally well-known women in public life, AVIMIVA customers can be found scattered throughout Austria / Germany / Italy / Switzerland / France / Hungary.

During an exclusive fitting at the AVIMIVA headquarters, I not only look at the fit and fit of the Beach & Spa lingerie, but also how the woman moves in it and what she radiates. This is consulting on a completely different level.

But not only women buy from me. Men who are looking for a special gift are also among my valued customers. An AVIMIVA bathing lingerie arrives lovingly arranged in an elegant gift box at my customer's. So the giver no longer has to worry about the packaging. We're happy to take care of that.

What is your favorite step?
It is a very exciting moment for me when I hold a new model as a prototype in my hands for the first time. It's almost like giving birth to me. The manifestation of an idea or sketch into a tangible product.

What are your hobbies. Where do you meet as a private person and what is life like apart from the designer?
Privately, I live rather secluded in the country with my blended family. These are my husband, my daughter (19 y.) and my 2 bonus children (17&19 y.).
I love to let myself drift - preferably in warm water, of course. But just as much in conversation with interesting people, with good food and music.
I absolutely love to cook, it relaxes me a lot - also very much with my husband. I always call our kitchen our hobby room. I also really like to travel... Although traveling for me is associated with a large pinch of being lazy and that includes the beach and the sea.
And I really enjoy writing true to life short stories / short anecdotes. Can be read on Story.one under the pseudonym “Different Thinker”

Where is your workshop located and where do you currently live?
I live in a small community in the Mostviertel / Amstetten district.
Ideas come to me anytime, anywhere. My creative channel is most open when I'm relaxed. ;) My sketch pad accompanies me almost always and everywhere. My "creative zone" in which I test new materials and cuts is at home. In a space where I can withdraw undisturbed and immerse myself in what I do.
The headquarters of AVIMIVA is in Amstetten.

What are the future plans for Avimiva?
I'm sure the ideas for AVIMIVA never run out. Specifically, I'm currently working on an "AVIMIVA-Men" collection. My husband misses the perfect swimwear for men ;)

Of course, there are also many ideas for expanding the product range - but I don't want to reveal too much here. My vision is, among other things, to set up my own production in Austria. As the first Austrian manufacturer of bathing suits.

Without thinking twice...

Your favorite holiday destination?
The Indian Ocean

your favorite drink?
Water ;) and if it fits, a vodka/lemon

winter or summer?
Definitely summer

dog or cat?
Horse! :))) No dog, no cat! No all...

pool or sea?
That's a trick question, isn't it? :)))

your favorite book?
"The Big Leap" by Gay Hendricks

I have a weakness for…?
Fast cars

your favorite perfume?
Sexy Amber by Michael Kors

A person you admire?
There are so many that I can't name anyone explicitly. Except maybe my husband.

your life motto
"Discover the AVIMIVA in you!"
Never stop reinventing yourself and following your heart's calling. No matter in which area of ​​your life - the only limits exist in your head!

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