to be continued...

I can't really put into words why, but this idea somehow seems pretty stupid to me.

I've been trying to escape this "experiment" for days - maybe my attempts are too half-hearted - but I'm probably just unsettled by the fact that it was "his idea" to pretend for a whole weekend that we had never met before .

To book two rooms in a luxury spa hotel for that seemed exaggerated to me. But whatever. I'm trying to free myself mentally and get involved. He's been looking forward to this game for weeks and thinks I might like it too...

The agreed Friday, on which our little game should start, is today. He's been away for work all week, so we're coming from different directions and no one knows when we'll meet at the hotel for the first time - that's part of our experiment. No calls - no messages - that's the deal since he left on Monday.

"I can't do this!" Those words spin like a black-painted perpetuum mobile in my head, but "No!" - I don't want to be the bore who calls for adventure, and it's high time to heed that call again.

I use the time of arrival to get used to the next two days and nights. With a sinking feeling in my gut, I remember that we haven't set a single rule. I have no idea what to do if our experiment goes wrong. "But what's supposed to go wrong...?" I try to take the pressure off my thoughts and feelings.

I check in under my maiden name and wrong address and feel a little more relaxed after the welcome glass of champagne. A great place! He chose one we've never stayed at, booked everything and I haven't the faintest idea what to expect.

With a soft click, I unlock my room door and enter the tasteful suite with a direct view of the steaming pool area. A sight that gives me goosebumps and relaxes me immediately. He knows exactly what lust triggers in me...

Only when I turn around do I discover an elegant, black box on my double bed. Surprised, my fingers stroke the velvety surface before I carefully open it. A soft scent caresses my senses - as delicate as a declaration of love breathed into my ear. The contents are still hidden behind tissue paper, which is closed with a bow and contains a card. I take out the card and recognize the writing immediately. "See you in the pool! kiss, D."

He always manages to leave me speechless.

Curious, I open the bow and the tissue paper. Speechlessness! I have never held such a sexy yet elegant bikini in my hands. At first I wasn't sure if I could really go into the water with it, but the card says "See you IN the pool!" - message got through!

I take a long shower, carefully remove every little hair and slip into my gift. "How does he always know exactly what suits me?" I think, smiling while looking at myself in the mirror with pleasure. Although I'm pretty sure that this time he likes his gift at least as much as I do. It tingles.

I haven't felt so feminine in ages. I throw on my soft bathrobe and take the lift down to the pool area.

I'm starting to enjoy our experiment...

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