change of perspective

What's the best way to tell her?! I would love it, a whole new experience and I'm sure you will too. With the experiment, we can simply break out in the middle of our common path. I don't see any risk there at all, we are so closely connected and can basically talk about everything. Well, we just don't do it when it comes to our fantasies, but I don't think almost anyone really does anyway. I'll just try it out now - and tell her about my mental cinema and I'm very curious how she will deal with it.

In her everyday life with the children and work, she hardly has time to look at herself and to live her sensuality. And yet she is so sensual. i love that about her When she plays with her charms. This drives me crazy. Unfortunately, that has become far too rare in recent years.

Well, I'm not at home much either, and when I am, I'm usually tired from my everyday life. And so will you. That's why I think that this time out in connection with the little game is good for her - to find herself again, and - admittedly - we can be carefree again.


I'm not quite sure if she promised to do it for me or if she really thinks it's great, but I'm happy that we'll do it. Now I have to make sure that I get this great bathing suit for her in time. I'll take it in black, the sexy one-piece suit, she'll love that, I can already see her coming to the pool - all eyes on her and her movements so sensual.

And those who don't just glance will see some of her secrets - and she will feel it. And me too. I'm going to play the cool guy who might be talking to his pool neighbor, or even his pool neighbor. A bit arrogant and she doesn't really register.

I'm very curious if someone dares to speak to her, because she will act like a queen. That certainly puts off all the weirdos - and there aren't that many great real men who would dare to do that.

I hope.

Our eyes will then meet for the first time, fleetingly. I have to pull myself together not to fall for her immediately. The game can begin.

The last week was really exciting - not communicating a word is really much harder than expected - there is so much I would like to say to her, which makes me excited, in principle, work was hardly to be thought of this week. Thoughts only revolved around our experiment, and I felt like I did when I started making my first experiences. If it weren't for this mirror that brings me back to reality. Doesn't matter.

Now the time has finally come. I hope you get to the hotel safely, have no traffic jams and no problems. Whether she likes the swimwear, it's too sexy for her - will she wear it when she comes to the pool? Will she be comfortable in it?

Now just take care of your body and then it's off to the spa area – I have to admit that I'm pretty nervous.

The pool area is wonderful and the water – yes, that's exactly how we like it – comfortably warm, she'll love it.

Where is the ideal place so that I can see her as soon as she gets off the lift – it's perfect over there. My mind is spinning, unable to speak to anyone. It won't work with the impression that I'm very relaxed and having a good time here. I'm far too nervous, tense and curious for that.

The elevator goes up. I think that's her. palpitations.

I would like her to feel exactly that now – what I am feeling in every cell of my body. Excitement, tingling, lust, longing, unbelievable how she moves. Then a queen comes towards me in her “dress of sensuality”.

This is my wife, the mother of my children, pure lust and sensuality. She's obviously comfortable in her role, although I suspect she's just as nervous and insecure as I am. But she knows how to hide it well, I can't tell.

Please give me the first look….

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