lip service

I refuse to look at the clock, knowing that daybreak is still a long way off. Dead silence in the house. Everyone is sleeping. But me.

I lie wide awake in my bed, tossing and turning. For what feels like an eternity. am restless

No, I can't have slept well, I went to bed just before midnight.

It is this dream that woke me up from my sleep. A dream of a very special kind. One that shows up again and again with different protagonists and turns my blood into glowing lava. My heartbeat quickens. Makes me breathe very shallow and hectic. One nobody talks about.

Today it was so intense that I feel like every cell in my body is on fire. Blood that resembles a corrosive acid. I can hear my pulse beating. Feel my whole body tremble Even my lips.

I can no longer think of sleep. My thoughts are circling. My mouth gets wet. I think of you.

It's very, very early, I know.


My fingertips glide searching through the darkness. I know the buttons that turn on all too well after all these years.

Vibrate. A good sign. Your hum seems louder than usual in the dark. I'm trying to be quiet. Warmth rises to my face.

I carefully enclose you with one hand. Release yourself to try the other hand.

I'm sitting in front of you now. Can not see you. But I can smell you. you and your strength. Smell this spicy, unique and also masculine scent as only you have it. Unmistakable.

My fingers play with you a little dreamily before I happily enclose you with both hands. That's what you love most. My imagination is traveling. I see women in front of me - you know that I really like to paint the pictures in my head with my girlfriend. But also with other men - there is one who desires you just as much as I do. I'll tell you about our pleasurable encounters. I know you don't mind my fantasies. But on the contrary. We share these - we both like them.

Blindly I lead you to my lips. Shortly before the first, longingly awaited touch, I breathe tenderly on you as if I wanted to blow a feather in the air. Knowing that my warm breath creates deep, surging waves in you.

I approach you almost shyly. I am ready. breathe in suck you in Taste yourself and your raw strength.

lips. Tongue. Mouth.

you spill I'll take you down to the last drop. ecstasy. Moan.

Satisfied and relaxed, I roll back into my bed. still taste you

In my thoughts I am with you. Can't wait until we meet again. There are only a few hours before our game, kissed by the sun, begins anew in the early morning awakening.

Me and YOU - my beloved cup of coffee!

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