What does AVIMIVA actually mean? Is that a name, and if so - where does it come from?

Today I share a secret with you. AVIMIVA was created in a very creative creation process. While I could claim it's a random union of my "favorite letters" (if there is such a thing as favorite letters). Anyone who knows me knows that I love symmetry. And the palindrome AVIMIVA, with the visually flowing letters, even more so.

So, or something like that, I would explain AVIMIVA with my head. But explained with the heart, AVIMIVA is so much more! So much more than just a word. So much more than a brand, or a product. Even if I said "I am AVIMIVA", that would be an understatement.

What do I mean by that? For this I have to go on a short journey through time with you.

It was December 2019 when I and my husband embarked on a journey that would change both of our lives. We were on vacation on a small, fine Maldives island. As soon as we started the journey, we were both incredibly relaxed and full of anticipation. But none of us could grasp the dimension of what we were allowed to experience on this island.

The first step into the white sand was enough - and we had ARRIVED.

Not just arrived physically. Also emotionally. It was like someone put a glass dome over the island and created a universe of their own. We felt at home! Please don't get me wrong - we have a very deep, intimate and connecting relationship from the beginning. But the time on this island triggered several "level ups" for us.

Hours of deep, connecting and opening conversations. At the time I really thought I already knew everything about my husband. I was far from it! We told each other about our dreams. From our fantasies. Also from the lusty ones. We made ourselves “naked” and vulnerable without fear of getting hurt. Old wounds healed! We have never been so close - and on all levels.

We took this connection and spirit home with us and integrated it into our everyday lives. And from this energy AVIMIVA was created.

You can definitely feel it too... AVIMIVA is SO MUCH MORE!

AVIMIVA stands for the woman of the new age. For the woman who is ready to shed old incrustations and old wounds and indulge in the grandiose game of life and love with relish.

An AVIMIVA knows herself, knows her needs and she knows about her charms, which she lives out sensually and devotedly. She knows, lives and loves her sexuality and encounters it with curiosity and openness.

An AVIMIVA goes HER way and always takes on the role in her life that she feels most comfortable with. She doesn't shy away from NO and YES! She lives and loves pure sensuality and pure luxury, according to her creation and definition. And she knows that she is right the way she is.

AVIMIVA is pure divinity!

Your time has come...

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